Two Essential Questions Every Franchisee Must Ask

There are two essential questions every franchisee must know the answer to before investing in a franchised brand:-

–          Why should I consider this market?

–          Does this brand operate a proven business model?

Here, our Franchise Director Chris Gillam and Founder Manjit Virdi explain more about the importance of a proven business model.  Below we’ll address those two questions in more detail.

Why lettings?

The lettings market is thriving right now and predictions suggest that this will continue:-

  • By 2032, it is predicted that half of all homes in England will be rented.  Within two decades it is also anticipated that one third of all rental properties will be privately rented, a significant increase on the current levels of 18%.
  • 60% of landlords aim to expand their investment portfolio within the next six months, a further indication of the potential business available to franchisees in the lettings agency sector.

Does Redstones offer a proven business model?

Before launching the Redstones franchise network, getting the business model right was our highest priority.  A franchise model which has not been piloted and thoroughly tested can result in a failed network or franchisees struggling to establish their businesses.

On setting up Redstones, Manjit worked initially from home before moving into serviced offices. When establishing the Redstones franchise model, our priority was to offer a low cost entry to market without the onerous overheads that so often place unnecessary financial pressure on a new business.

With Redstones, we have achieved that goal.

We understand the lettings agency model and we know what works, which is why we encourage our franchisees to initially operate their lettings agency from serviced offices, rather than expensive high street premises.  It’s a more intelligent, proven business model that takes into account the nature of the lettings sector and the influence of social media and online marketing.

On top of that, as a Redstones franchisee you enjoy the benefits of:-

  • A reputation for outstanding customer service and integrity in a competitive market place.
  • Innovative solutions to your clients’ biggest problems, including our Switch Agents programme and Total Platinum Care service.
  • State-of-the-art marketing, taking advantage of all that social media and internet marketing has to offer.
  • Larger than average territories, allowing you to create a successful business with no limits to what you can achieve.
  • Lower start-up costs, including a lower franchise fee, aligned with a franchise model which allows you to launch your business from serviced offices.

Once established, you can of course extend your business into the residential sales sector and relocate your Redstones franchise to a high street premises – but only if it’s in line with your business plan.  We also offer the option to launch your Redstones business from a high street location to franchisees with prior experience in estate agency and residential sales.

Let’s return to the original questions and relate them to Redstones’ franchise opportunity.

Why the lettings agency market? In summary it’s a buoyant sector and will continue to enjoy significant growth for the foreseeable future.

Is this business model proven? Yes, Redstones, is proven, tried and tested, with a unique offering that sets us apart from other lettings agency franchises in a competitive market.

If you have any more questions, we’re happy to answer them.  Contact us today to find out more about what makes Redstones stand out from the crowd.

The Difference is Redstones.

Redstones – Helping You To Stand Out From The Crowd

The lettings agency market is a competitive and rapidly expanding which inevitably attracts new business launches on a regular basis.  For a start-up to succeed, it needs to represent a reputable brand, provide outstanding levels of customer service and offer that something extra to attract the attention of landlords often inundated by lettings agents keen to win their business.

We are often asked why Redstones stands out from the crowd by potential franchisees.  Part of our appeal is our willingness to listen to the problems faced by landlords and to offer solutions, as our founder Manjit Virdi explains in this video:-

We know that winning your first clients is the primary aim of all new businesses, but it isn’t always easy.

As a Redstones franchisee, our marketing products are designed specifically to enable you not only to win your first clients but to retain them and gain referrals.

As a Redstones franchisee we help you to stand out from the crowd in several ways:-

Platinum Total Care Service – As Manjit explains in our video, the major concern of landlords is the timely payment of monthly rents from the tenants.  A late payment can place a landlord under financial pressure when they have mortgages to pay on their property.  Redstones Platinum Total Care Service gives our landlords peace of mind by offering them the certainty of regular rent payments.  Regardless of whether or not the tenant has paid, Redstones ensures the landlord’s rent is paid on time every month.

Switch Agents – Another concern frequently expressed by landlords is the lack of customer service provided by some lettings agencies.  As a result, we created our Switch Agents facility.  This service takes disgruntled landlords through a step-by-step process which enables them to transfer the management of their rental properties to Redstones.

We are confident that both of these distinctive services give our franchisees a head start in the competitive lettings sector when launching their Redstones lettings agency – and we are happy to say that the results speak for themselves.

We don’t only listen to our customers, however, we listen to our franchisees too.

With Redstones you are never alone

We know that attending initial meetings with landlords to secure those first all-important contracts can be a nerve wracking experience.  For that reason, our Head Office team are available to accompany you to those meetings and support you – and celebrate with you! – as you win that first client.

In addition, all Redstones franchisees enjoy the following benefits on becoming part of our expanding network:-

  • Unrivalled, comprehensive, state-of-the-art marketing.
  • Larger than average territories created to give every Redstones franchisee an equal opportunity of growing a lucrative and successful business.
  • Instant brand recognition – Redstones stands for exceptional customer service and attention to detail.

Standing out from the crowd is always a challenge in an increasingly competitive market place.  As a Redstones franchisee our inventive approach to marketing and franchise development helps you to stand at the forefront of the lettings sector.

For more information on the support offered to you as a Redstones franchisee contact us today.

Redstones Franchise Books

Redstones – Your Franchisor of Choice

Before you read on, take a look at what our franchisees have to say about life as a Redstones franchisee and why Redstones was their franchisor of choice.

Making that final decision on which franchise brand to invest in is not something to be taken lightly.  To see a return on your investment you need to know that the franchisor you choose understands their market, offers a proven business model and will support you as you grow your new business.

A franchise with Redstones can offer you all of that and more. Here’s why:-

A thriving market – Britain is fast becoming a nation of renters.  According to the latest figures for 2014 released by the English Housing Survey, 18% of all households are now rented privately. As levels of owner occupation in the housing market continue to decline ‘the private lettings market is predicted to see significant growth.

An affordable investment – Redstones offers its franchisees a comparatively low cost entry to market.  The total investment for a turnkey franchise operation is between £20,000-£25,000 which includes our franchise fee of £11,995, comprehensive training and everything you need to launch your own lettings agency.

Larger territories – All of our franchise territories offer equal opportunities for revenue and the operation of a profitable business. With our unique mapping system, every franchisee is guaranteed a territory comprising around 100,000 properties and a population of approximately 250,000.

Premises – While some lettings agency franchisors will insist you launch your business from a high street premises, at Redstones we recognise that this places unnecessary pressure on the running costs of a new business.  For this reason, we generally insist on our franchisees operating from serviced offices away from the high street.  The only exception is for franchisees with previous industry experience.

Flexibility – When our franchisees are established in the lettings sector, we offer the option to expand into the residential sales market.  Again, franchisees with prior industry experience may wish to take advantage of this option from the outset.

Innovative marketing – When it comes to marketing, a strong online profile is essential. At Redstones we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of all of the latest developments in technology and have taken full advantage of social and online marketing.  As a Redstones franchisee you will benefit from our innovative and comprehensive marketing strategy which ensures our brand name ranks highly in search engines.

Reputable brand – Wherever you see the Redstones logo you can be assured of outstanding customer service and attention to detail.  Furthermore, we continually seek to improve our offering with unique services to our customers that set us apart from the competition. Two prime examples of this approach are our Switch Agents facility and our Platinum Total Care service.

Support when you need it – With the in-depth lettings and property sales expertise of our Founder Manjit Virdi and the extensive franchising know-how of our Franchise Director Chris Gillam, you are assured of the support you need, when you need it.

BFA members – Redstones is proud to be a member of the British Franchise Association which vets all of its members for ethics and standards.

If you have any questions or wish to explore the opportunities available to you as a Redstones franchisee, please get in touch.