Redstones – Helping You To Stand Out From The Crowd

The lettings agency market is a competitive and rapidly expanding which inevitably attracts new business launches on a regular basis.  For a start-up to succeed, it needs to represent a reputable brand, provide outstanding levels of customer service and offer that something extra to attract the attention of landlords often inundated by lettings agents keen to win their business.

We are often asked why Redstones stands out from the crowd by potential franchisees.  Part of our appeal is our willingness to listen to the problems faced by landlords and to offer solutions, as our founder Manjit Virdi explains in this video:-

We know that winning your first clients is the primary aim of all new businesses, but it isn’t always easy.

As a Redstones franchisee, our marketing products are designed specifically to enable you not only to win your first clients but to retain them and gain referrals.

As a Redstones franchisee we help you to stand out from the crowd in several ways:-

Platinum Total Care Service – As Manjit explains in our video, the major concern of landlords is the timely payment of monthly rents from the tenants.  A late payment can place a landlord under financial pressure when they have mortgages to pay on their property.  Redstones Platinum Total Care Service gives our landlords peace of mind by offering them the certainty of regular rent payments.  Regardless of whether or not the tenant has paid, Redstones ensures the landlord’s rent is paid on time every month.

Switch Agents – Another concern frequently expressed by landlords is the lack of customer service provided by some lettings agencies.  As a result, we created our Switch Agents facility.  This service takes disgruntled landlords through a step-by-step process which enables them to transfer the management of their rental properties to Redstones.

We are confident that both of these distinctive services give our franchisees a head start in the competitive lettings sector when launching their Redstones lettings agency – and we are happy to say that the results speak for themselves.

We don’t only listen to our customers, however, we listen to our franchisees too.

With Redstones you are never alone

We know that attending initial meetings with landlords to secure those first all-important contracts can be a nerve wracking experience.  For that reason, our Head Office team are available to accompany you to those meetings and support you – and celebrate with you! – as you win that first client.

In addition, all Redstones franchisees enjoy the following benefits on becoming part of our expanding network:-

  • Unrivalled, comprehensive, state-of-the-art marketing.
  • Larger than average territories created to give every Redstones franchisee an equal opportunity of growing a lucrative and successful business.
  • Instant brand recognition – Redstones stands for exceptional customer service and attention to detail.

Standing out from the crowd is always a challenge in an increasingly competitive market place.  As a Redstones franchisee our inventive approach to marketing and franchise development helps you to stand at the forefront of the lettings sector.

For more information on the support offered to you as a Redstones franchisee contact us today.