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Reasons to buy a new build home

If you’re looking for your next property, is a new build home something you’ve considered? Here’s Redstones guide to why it could be an attractive option for you:

Modern lifestyles – In contract to some older properties, new homes are very much designed with modern lifestyles in mind. This includes homes with open family space, space for a home office or a city apartment.

Peace of mind – New build properties usually come with a warranty and insurance of 5-10 years.

Flexibility – You will be the first owner, so you can decorate the home in your own personal style. There’s no need to attempt to fix the DIY disasters of the previous owners and there will be little costly maintenance and repairs to complete. If you buy a new property ‘off plan’, your new home can be reserved before it’s even built, meaning that you can choose your desired plot and personalise the house to your requirements.

Lower running costs – Generally, new homes will include efficient heating systems and higher levels of insulation, helping to reduce carbon emissions and significantly decrease heating bills.

Property chain – Often, with a new build, the length of the property chain is reduced as only the buyer is at the end of the chain.

Great incentives – The many incentives available include the Government ‘Help to Buy’ scheme. Some developers have their own schemes, such as part exchange or an assisted move that may involve part-funded deposits, payment of stamp duty or help with removal costs.

If these advantages appeal to you, it would be worth including new homes as part of your house search. It’s always best to keep your options open and at Redstones, we have many exciting new properties for sale. Just use the ‘Search’ function on our Redstones website homepage.

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