The property franchise dilemmas you can avoid

If you’re looking for a property management franchise, there are certain dilemmas that you will certainly want to avoid!

These include ensuring that you’re not paying a fortune upfront. Some property management franchisors expect new franchisees to spend as much as £150K to set up in business. That’s a huge initial payment, considering you haven’t earned anything yet! At Redstones, our fees are much fairer. In fact, we’re currently offering 10 successful applicants the opportunity to take advantage of a reduced franchise fee (£9,995 rather than £14,995) if they complete their application form by 30th June 2016.

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Higher costs are often associated with a high street presence. At Redstones, we’ve proved that an on-line business model can work exceptionally well, as long as the right IT systems are in place to manage all business operations. We have the best systems in the business at Redstones, making the process of managing tenants and landlords, as well as accounting much easier.

Of course, it is essential to research management fees too if you’re choosing a property franchise. It’s important to make comparisons, as we have come across some ridiculous management fees that would seriously impact profitability. Ensure that you’re aware of hidden charges too, where franchisors introduce extra charges for additional services not covered in the initial franchise fee.

Redstones offer a clear and transparent service to franchisees, with no hidden charges. Instead, we are fair in terms of all of our rates and offer a much higher level of support than many other property management franchises. This helps ensure that our property management franchisees are fully satisfied and set up to succeed as a new business owner.

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