Preparing Your Property For Rent : 9 Essential Points You Need To Know

At Redstones, we regularly receive enquiries from property owners new to the rental market who want to understand more about the process of preparing their property to market and what to expect.

Here, we highlight our top tips to help you through that process:-

Ensure your property is structurally complete : Unfinished walls, incomplete extensions (it does happen!) and poorly fitted kitchens and bathrooms will deter prospective tenants.  All of the building work should be complete.  Gutters should be clean, the roof should be checked and we recommend inspecting window frames and door frames as well as ensuring an absence of damp patches.  Repaint exterior paint where there is evidence of flaking.  A well-maintained property will attract more viewers (who will hopefully become your tenants).

De-personalise all of the rooms : Neutrality is the key when it comes to interior décor.  An unobtrusive backdrop will make your property more attractive to tenants.  Nursery wallpaper or bright colours should be repainted in a neutral shade.

Clean your property thoroughly : We recommend a professional clean prior to letting your property to ensure it is in top condition for your new tenants.  If you do so, you may wish to include a clause in your tenancy agreement which requires the tenant to carry out a professional clean on their departure.  Failing that, you would expect your property to be left in an acceptable state of cleanliness when they leave.

Smokers or pets? Many of our landlords specify non-smokers and no pets at properties but this is entirely at your own discretion as a landlord.  Where smokers and pets are allowed this should be written into the agreement.

‘Wear and tear’ : At the end of the tenancy agreement you will inherit some general wear and tear which takes into account an acceptable use of your property. This will very much depend on your tenants; a family of four will leave more ‘wear and tear’ behind than a single professional person who frequently works away so this should be taken into account.

Furnished or unfurnished : Most landlords let their properties on an unfurnished basis.  If you opt for fully furnished, all items must comply with current fire and safety regulations. At Redstones, we also recommend the removal of any furniture with sentimental value as accidents can happen, even with the most careful tenants.

Your responsibilities : As a landlord, you must foot the bill for any structural repairs, together with general maintenance, such as plumbing.  If you choose to provide appliances, for example, a washing machine or dishwasher, it is your responsibility to arrange a prompt repair or supply a new one if the existing one breaks down. You must also insure the property and all contents belonging to you.  Finally, all gas appliances should be serviced and all electrical items certified fit for purpose.

Prepare an information sheet : For the benefit of your tenants, we recommend preparing a detailed information sheet which provides copies of all safety certificates, instruction manuals for any kitchen appliances, details of your boiler and heating systems and a complete inventory for the property.  A list of contact numbers in the case of emergency is also essential.

When letting your property through Redstones, we will advise you on all of the above aspects and provide guidance where needed.  To discuss our property management services, please contact us today where will be happy to explain the benefits of letting your property through Redstones.