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Planning to work for yourself in 2016?

The New Year often symbolises a new start and for many people, this means re-thinking their career. You may be unsatisfied with your current career, looking for a fresh start or want more flexibility and rewards.

If so, working for yourself by becoming a franchisee could be a serious option to consider for 2016 and beyond. Here’s why you should give it some thought:

Being your own boss

Fed up of that bad boss? A franchise allows you the freedom of being your own boss but you also have the protection of working within the framework of a tried and tested business. You don’t need to think of your own successful business idea, which is harder to identify than you may realise but you will need the passion, skills and drive to promote your own business.

Reduced risk

The success rate for new franchisees is now 91.8% – that’s significantly higher than most other start-up businesses. That’s because the franchisors will have developed a business model that works. This means that you don’t need to start from scratch and should just focus on making your own impact.

Your franchise is also far more likely to be successful if it’s part of a business sector you’re interested in, as you will easily be able to demonstrate passion. To reduce risk, due diligence and thorough research before you choose the right franchise is essential.

 Great income potential

Once your new franchise business is established, the income potential can be significant. If you’re looking for a career that is more financially rewarding, consider whether you’re satisfied with the income a franchise business could offer you.


For working families and those who value work/life balance, as a franchise owner, there is flexibility in the hours you work. This is extremely valuable for some people, as it allows them to work around their childcare and family commitments.


Don’t forget that a franchisor will give you all the support you need to succeed – it’s in their best interests after all! This may mean offering advice on business planning or marketing, for example. This support is invaluable as you set off on your road to success.

If you like the idea of being a franchisee, how about owning your own prosperous property business?

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