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How our new franchisees are getting ‘marketing ready’

Any business owner knows that a company cannot grow and thrive without the right marketing strategy. The property industry, like many, is all about getting ‘customers through the door’.

Nowadays, that doesn’t just mean physically. Online customers are just as valuable. That’s why the Redstones Marketing Ready Package offers an effective online presence, including landlord data targeted to specific areas, in addition to SEO, Google Adwords, a new microsite with social media channels, a local property blog and marketing materials.

Recognising the importance of marketing, we are providing all new franchisees that join us in 2016 with a FREE Redstones Marketing Ready Package, worth over £7,000.

The Marketing Ready package helps franchisees to promote their business through social media, portal advertising, SEO, Pay-Per-Click and 3D floor plans, as well as through the more traditional techniques of relationship building and word of mouth.

The package helps franchisees to build a strong reputation in their area, as well as stimulating sales and strong relationships with property owners, landlords and tenants.

Managing Director of Redstones, Manjit Virdi explains, “Redstones is keen to support franchisees in any way that we can and our Marketing Ready Package is a crucial element of our business model. Marketing is the lifeblood of all new businesses and through the cutting-edge techniques we deploy, we are helping franchisees to match their services to the demands of the market.”

The Redstones Marketing Ready Package is one of many methods used to support new franchisees. For further information, visit our Franchise website, call 01922 235 350 or email

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