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Franchising : The Importance of A Reputable Brand

Once you have decided that you want to invest in a franchise opportunity, your next decision is to choose the franchisor who is right for you, one which will offer you the best return on investment.  In making that decision, it is essential to consider the brand value of a franchise.  What is the franchisor promising?  How will you capitalise on the brand value in your territory?  Why choose this particular franchise?

Here I’ve outlined my top three reasons why a reputable, well established franchised brand makes all the difference to your long-term success:-

Customer Awareness : The obvious franchise brands don’t need much of an explanation here; think McDonald’s or Burger King for example. A reputable brand will always have a strong presence and a good reputation among its customers.  At Redstones, we are known for our high levels of customer care in a market which often carries with it poor perceptions of service.  Wherever you see a Redstones brand logo, you can be assured of quality.

Customer Loyalty : A franchisor with a reputable brand has taken the time to market their name based on the values of customer service, trust and quality.  This reputation cannot be ‘bought’, it comes through hard work, responding to feedback and generally results in customer loyalty.  For a franchisee, customer loyalty means a potential landlord will work with a brand he or she recognises for having a good reputation in the lettings market.  A well- established franchise name means you can expect the same high levels of service and customer care, regardless of where in the country you deal with them. At Redstones, our franchisees benefit from our tireless efforts to provide a superlative service.  Where they see a Redstones outlet, landlords anticipate high standards and a name they can trust – and they aren’t disappointed.

Brand Value : A good reputation means higher levels of repeat business which increases sales and profitability in the long run.  For your clients, it also means less of a risk when working with you. A franchisor who offers positive levels of customer awareness and loyalty offers a clear advantage.  At Redstones, we offer a unique range of services to our customers which increases loyalty and customer referrals.  These include our Redstones’ Platinum Total Care’ option and our ‘Switch Agents Programme’. We also offer a unique, comprehensive online marketing strategy which raises brand awareness and customer satisfaction across the board.

Joining a reputable, well managed franchise brand is the crucial difference when it comes to your long-term success and significantly outweighs the benefits of an independent start-up business.

To find out more about what the Redstones brand can offer you as a potential franchisee, please contact me today.