Redstones Marketing Ready

Features that make a Redstones franchise a fantastic option

If you’re considering starting your own business next year with a new franchise, you may be familiar with the term ‘due diligence’. Basically, this means that before you decide which type of franchise to become a part of, a crucial part of the process is research.

Clearly, research is vital to ensure that the franchise will be a viable business option. Once you become a franchisee, you must demonstrate the drive and ambition to make the business work and ensure it’s profitable. If the business model that the franchisor has developed is proven to be effective, this will be a huge advantage in the franchisees favour.

At Redstones, we’re constantly innovating and doing everything we can to ensure that our franchisees are successful. Compared to similar property franchises, we know that we have a superior offer. This includes:

Unique and highly innovative practicesRedstones Platinum Total Care is a scheme that ensures the landlord’s rent is paid on the date it is due, regardless of whether the tenant has paid on time. It’s a great incentive for landlords and an ideal business generation tool.

We also have the ‘Switch Agents’ programme, which ensures that new business is gained based on the service delivered. The programme makes it simple for landlords to switch their property or property portfolio to you, as a franchisee, if they’re dissatisfied with their current agent.

Modern marketing All franchisees can take advantage of the modern marketing techniques we offer, which have been proven to generate great results. Our extensive on-line and off-line marketing techniques include social media, advertising on all relevant portals and a focus on SEO and Pay-Per-Click. Vendors are able to sell their property quickly through 3D floor plans and walk through technology. We’ve even introduced an additional sales channel; online property auctions, which have driven more business through the door.

We actively help franchisees with their marketing because we are committed to helping them succeed in business. Therefore, we are providing new franchisees that join our network in 2016 with the Redstones Marketing Ready Package, worth over £7,000.  For further details click here.

Large territories – In contrast to many other property franchises, Redstones offers large territories of at least 100,000 households, low set up costs and opportunities to expand throughout the UK. When a Redstones franchise is in a position to grow, we have business acquisition experts on hand to help advise franchisees on how to effectively build their business portfolio.

Finally, to equip themselves with the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed, every new franchisee undertakes a comprehensive new property franchisee training course.

Take the first step to controlling your financial future and find out more about becoming a Redstones franchisee. For further information, visit our Franchise website, call 01922 235 350 or email