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From Employee To Franchisee In 4 Steps With Redstones

Unemployment might be falling but with the rise in zero-hours contracts and low paid jobs, hard working professionals are seeking ways of creating their own financial security.

Franchising is only one of those options yet is increasingly becoming one of the most popular. The opportunity to join a successful, established brand and create a business of their own is a magnet to growing numbers of would-be entrepreneurs who recognise the benefits of becoming a franchisee.

The urge to become a franchisee generally comes down to one thing – the need to be in control of your own destiny but how do you make the transition from employee to business owner?

Every new franchisee should be prepared for four essential steps:-

Coming to terms with change : As a franchisee and business owner your daily agenda is something that you must set, manage and adhere to.  While the franchise business model will provide guidance on running your business, new franchisees may find it challenging in the early period. You no longer have an employer dictating your daily timetable!  For franchisees working from a serviced office or high street premises, like Redstones, this is much easier than home based franchises where the potential for distractions is much greater.

Access to suitable resources : In the early stages of a new franchise, you may be working alone. In this case, you will be managing your time by winning new business, looking after new clients and in the case of a Redstones franchise, finding and assessing tenants too.  Getting that balance right can be precarious which is why the support of your franchisor is vital.  Redstones is on hand during your business launch and to accompany you to your first appointments with potential customers if required.

Dealing with challenges :  As every business owner will tell you, the first year is always the most challenging.  As a franchisee, the buck stops with you when it comes to resolving challenges in your business. With a reputable franchise brand and support team in place, however, there won’t be any issues you are facing that haven’t been encountered before. At Redstones, our experienced support team are on hand around the clock to help you with any issues you face as you begin to establish your new franchise.

Confidence in the brand : New business owners often struggle with confidence while establishing their reputation. With a franchise like Redstones, the reputation of the brand as innovative, forward thinking and with unparalleled customer service is already firmly in place. Our unique marketing proposition includes our Platinum Total Care Service, Switch Agents facility and a number of additional income streams exclusive to our franchisees.  You’ll find more information in our recent article 7 Unique Benefits of a Redstones Franchise.

If you’re thinking of making the step from employee to franchisee but don’t know where to start contact Redstones today to find out more about becoming an owner of a successful Redstones franchise.

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