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Change Your Life : Start 2015 With A Redstones Franchise

For would-be entrepreneurs seeking a forward looking franchise, Redstones has always offered a value for money investment with a franchise fee of £11,995.

With our ongoing investment in the brand, that fee is rising with effect from 1st January 2015 to £14,995 which still offers an extremely cost-effective route into a competitive industry sector.

With a New Year on the horizon, there’s never been a better time to seize this opportunity to change your life and invest in a reputable franchise brand.

In recent blogs we have highlighted some of the additional income streams available to Redstones franchisees which add up to a more intelligent business model in a competitive market sector.

These include:-

Redstones Financial Services – Our innovative, independent financial services company offering solutions to the financial requirements of our clients, from finding a mortgage, to arranging car insurance.  This innovative marketing tool enables our franchisees to provide a ‘one stop shop’ solution to the financial needs of potential customers, from tenants to property owners and their families.

Utility Warehouse : Our membership of Utility Warehouse enables our franchisees to offer prospective tenants an invaluable way of keeping down their household bills during the period of their tenancy agreement. With the continual rise in living costs this is a timely addition to the Redstones brand.

Platinum Total Care service : One of our flagship marketing tools, this unique service gives landlords peace of mind by guaranteeing that their rent is paid on time every month, regardless of whether or not payment has been received from the tenant.  For a franchisee, it means another advantage when it comes to winning new business.

Switch Agents : For landlords or property sellers dissatisfied with the service offered by their existing lettings or estate agent, our Switch Agents facility gives our franchisees an easy way of moving their business to Redstones.

Larger than average territories : Redstones franchise network was designed with the franchisee as a priority.  Our territories are based on population rather than postcode, giving each of our franchisees the opportunity to build a successful business.  Each franchisee is allocated a generous territory covering around 250,000 people which equates to approximately 100,000 chimney pots.

Unrivalled customer service : Redstones is known for consistently delivering on its promise of outstanding customer service.  Our abovementioned Platinum Total Care and Switch Agents services are just two examples of how our franchisees can easily separate themselves from the competition.

State-of-the-art marketing : Our continual investment in the latest technology has to offer ensures that all of our franchisees benefit from a notable online presence as well as their own dedicated Redstones micro-site.

You’ll find more reasons to invest in a Redstones video from our founder Manjit Virdi in the following video:-

Make 2015 the year you change your life.  Contact us today to discuss the opportunities available to you as a Redstones franchisee.  All agreements signed before 31st December 2014 will benefit from the current franchise fee of £11,995.

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