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Franchise vs Start-up

Franchising : Your Business Advantage

Setting up in business alone can be a daunting prospect. Where do you begin, how will you establish your brand, what are you chances of success? What happens when you encounter a glitch in your business plan?

Investing in a franchise business provides the answer to all of these issues. For would-be entrepreneurs, franchising is becoming an increasingly popular way of setting up their own business under the banner of a tried and trusted brand name.

Franchise success in the UK

Natwest Bank’s 2013 Survey in association with the British Franchise Association reveals that the UK franchise industry is growing, contributing around £13.7bn to the UK economy in the past year.  What’s more, 90% of franchisors are confident that growth will continue during 2014 – and Redstones is one of them.

The advantages of franchising

For a budding entrepreneur, setting up in business as a franchisee offers the following distinct advantages over a ‘stand-alone’ start-up business:-

Increased chance of success : While statistics vary, guidelines suggest that only 7% of stand-alone businesses are still trading after three years, compared to 90% of franchised businesses.  Natwest’s survey supports these figures, with 92 per cent of franchisees reporting profitability and one in four running multiple outlets.  Among new franchisees (less than two years in business) 80% are already profitable.

A competitive edge : Being part of a recognised brand gives a franchisee more visibility. Potential customers know what to expect and will be more confident in working with them. In the competitive lettings market this is especially important.

A proven business system : A franchisor’s business model is tried, tested and proven, removing the often steep learning curve that most stand-alone businesses face.

As the Chairman of the BFA, Brian Smart states ‘The fact remains that franchising provides a business owner with the means and methodology to set up and run their own business with an increased rate of success when compared with traditional stand-alone methods’.

With Redstones, our franchisees are comprehensively trained in all aspects of running an estate agency business, including marketing, accounting and sales.

We also provide ongoing ‘hands-on’ support to ensure our franchisees become profitable in the shortest possible time. As members of the British Franchise Association, we are committed to excellence in our franchise business.

Franchising is open to anyone from all walks of life, provided they have sufficient capital and the right attitude.

Contact us today to discuss how you can become a franchisee of Redstones and owner of your own successful lettings business.