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6 Tips For Presenting Your Property For Sale

At Redstones, we are often asked by our clients on the best way to present their property for an early sale.  This is known as ‘staging’ – preparing your home for potential buyers to view.  When it is done properly, not only will your house sell faster but it can sell at a higher price than you originally expected.

Here are our top six tips:-

First impressions count : Take an objective view of your house as you approach it.  A messy hedge, or peeling front door frame doesn’t give the best impression. The majority of buyers like to be able to move into a pristine house and decorate it to their taste at their leisure.  We recommend hiring a local handyman to do any superficial exterior work – it won’t cost much but you will reap the rewards.

Declutter without losing the sense of a ‘home’.  We all have possessions lying around that we leave unattended for weeks (or longer!) Declutter this ‘stuff’ by tidying it up and removing it from view.  Give your potential buyers the opportunity to imagine what your property would look like if they owned it.

Consider a fresh lick of paint in a neutral, light colour. Not only will your home be brighter, it will seem bigger and more appealing.  It’s also easier for potential buyers to think about moving straight in than when confronted with startling, unusual colour schemes.  Lime green may be your favourite colour but it isn’t to everyone’s taste.

Clean it up : Take it from us, you house should be in a pristine condition to improve your chances of selling quickly and at your asking price. Clean everything in sight until it sparkles.  Kitchens and bathrooms should be your priority; all ovens, hobs, stainless steel and chrome services should be gleaming.  Remove all mould, limescale, dust, soap scum, cobwebs, dirt and grime, vacuum your carpets and clean any hard flooring.  A professional clean is well worth the expense. When it comes to windows, these should be smear free too, allowing maximum light in. Carry out any minor repairs, such as holes in walls, cracked tiles, broken light bulbs and so on.

Tidy up your garden : An overgrown garden will deter potential buyers (it’s more work for them to do when they move in).  Mow the grass, paint the decking, clean the patio, weed the garden and prune the bushes.  The more visually attractive your garden is the more positive an effect it will have on your buyers.

Additional aesthetics : As well as the obvious tidy ups there are a few subtle tactics you can use to boost the appeal of your home.  Place lamps in dark corners to create a warm glow and use aromatherapy diffusers around your home to welcome viewers with a pleasant aroma rather than musty odours. If you smoke inside the house, open the windows and let some fresh air in a few days before your property goes on sale – and don’t forget fresh flowers for that final touch.

When it comes to showing your property, talk to your estate agent about how to answer any potentially difficult questions such as neighbours (especially if yours are troublesome).  If you aren’t confident about showing potential buyers around your home, arrange for your estate agent to do it for you.

At Redstones, we offer accompanied viewings for all of our clients and are happy to help with any questions you may have. If you are considering selling your property, contact us today to discuss how we can help.