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6 Essential Property Maintenance Tips For Landlords

As a landlord, property maintenance is one of your main responsibilities. The better the condition of your property, the happier your tenants will be and the greater the chance of your tenancy agreement being renewed.

Here’s our advice on how every landlord can effectively manage property maintenance:-

Obtain quotes

As a landlord, it’s important to strike a balance when choosing a suitable tradesperson to carry out repairs on your property.  Avoid the so-called ‘cowboy’ builders who may be cheap but carry out a shoddy job. You are responsible for ensuring your property is more than habitable. Obtaining a number of quotes will allow you to choose a quality builder at a cost effective price.

Establish relationships

For landlords with established or expanding property portfolios you may need to call on reliable tradespeople on regular occasions. Establishing a relationship with a trustworthy company or a number of individuals means the next time you need a builder, plumber, electrician or gas engineer you have a list of contacts to call on. Creating a list of multiple contacts means that you have several options available, which is essential if your property requires emergency repairs.

Carry out regular inspections

At Redstones we recommend that mid-term inspections are carried out during the period of your tenancy agreement. This gives you the advantage of ensuring there are no problems with your tenants and is a common sense precautionary measure.  For more information, you may find our previous blog helpful Renting Your Property? Why You Need A Mid-Term Inspection.

Deal with issues immediately

If you are aware of a minor maintenance issue, you must respond promptly to avoid it escalating into a major problem. Your tenants will also be happier if they are confident their landlord will quickly rectify issues with the property, whether it’s a leaking tap or a broken down boiler.  Don’t let it drag on, it will only cost you more in the long run and may mean you breach your legal obligations as a landlord.

Focus on safety

The safety of your tenants must be your top priority.  As a first step, ensure that all boilers and gas fires are regularly serviced to minimise the chances of future problems and ensure your tenants’ safety.  With regular crackdowns on landlords who fail to comply with legal requirements, you must stay fully updated on changes to the law.

Consider engaging a property management specialist

For some landlords, keeping up with the pressure of their responsibilities can be stressful. Letting your property through an experienced property management specialist offers a number of advantages:-

  • Mid-term inspections are carried out on time.
  • All relevant checks, including gas and electrical safety tests, are carried out on a timely basis.
  • Property maintenance issues are dealt with promptly on your behalf.
  • You will receive regular updates of changes or additions to your legal obligations as a landlord.
  • Reduced stress levels!

At Redstones, growing numbers of our clients are choosing our comprehensive property management option for their peace of mind.

Contact us today to discuss the property management option that’s most suitable for you.

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