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5 More Reasons To Choose Redstones As Your Franchisor

Leaving the security of a successful career to invest in a new business is a daunting prospect, even for the most confident professional.  Most of you will be aware from numerous media headlines that the private residential lettings sector is a thriving market but that doesn’t guarantee success for a start-up business.

Franchising is a safer route to market than going it alone but which franchisor is the right fit for you?  We’ve previously highlighted ten reasons to choose Redstones as your franchisor.

Here, we’ve added a few more based on recommendations and feedback from the franchisees who have joined our network in 2014.

Support from the franchisor :  Redstones is committed to the development of its network and we continually seek fresh and innovative ways to support our franchisees.  Our Platinum Total Care service and Switch Agents facility are just two examples of that commitment.

Low start-up costs : With a total investment of between £20-25,000 for a turnkey package, our franchisees have told us that Redstones represents the best value for money when entering this competitive market. As a Redstones franchisee, you are also able to launch your business from serviced offices rather than a high street location.  The first year in business is always the most challenging so adding to the pressure with expensive shop-front premises doesn’t make financial sense. It all adds up to a more intelligent business model.

Territory size : Each of our franchise territories covers around 100,000 homes, with a total population of approximately 250,000.  This is significantly larger in comparison to the territories offered by other franchisors within the lettings sector. The generous size also offers our franchisees ample opportunity to expand their business.

No pressure : We know what a big decision buying a franchise is.  We won’t pressure you into joining Redstones as a franchisee. What we will do, however, is provide you with all of the information you need, answer all of your questions in an open and transparent manner and allow you to contact any or all of our current franchisees to find out what life is really like as a Redstones franchisee.

Entrepreneurial leadership : People buy from people and our people are enthusiastic, committed to the brand and ready to listen to our customers and our franchisees.  At Redstones, we also have the flexibility and agility to constantly create new and inventive ways of improving our already outstanding levels of customer service.

Before you invest in a franchise, check out the recommendations of our franchisees below:-

Research the market : Gather as much information as possible on the industry you are considering. This is especially important if you don’t have previous experience in your chosen sector.

Do your due diligence : Check out the franchisor, review the franchise agreement. Find out what it’s like operating a business within the network. What type of support is on offer? How comprehensive is the training prior to your business launch?

Speak to existing franchisees : A franchisor may simply tell you what you want to hear when you are exploring the possibility of investing in their franchise.  It’s vital to talk to the people who can tell you what life is really like as a franchisee – and that’s the existing franchisees!

Interested in finding out more about how you can become a Redstones franchisee?  Contact us today. We look forward to your call.