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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Property

If recent headlines are to be believed, selling your property in the current market should be a breeze. ‘Ghost-gazumping’ is the latest trend; that is, when property owners increase the price of their house, after previously agreeing a sale at a lower price with their buyer. Moving house is classed as one of the most stressful events in your life and this news won’t help to reassure potential buyers.

It’s important to remember that house sales are subject to regional fluctuations and – property boom aside – nothing can be taken for granted. When selling your house, it’s still essential to avoid these common mistakes:-

Mistake 1 : Thinking marketing isn’t important

Marketing your house is essential regardless of how thriving the market is.  It isn’t a case of placing a ‘For Sale’ sign and waiting for a queue of buyers to knock at your front door. A reputable estate agent will offer a proven and comprehensive marketing strategy designed to sell your property at the best possible price and in the shortest possible time. Redstones uses the very latest in walk- through technology and 3D floor plans to enhance your sale prospects.  We also offer an online property auction facility for owners seeking a quick sale.

Mistake 2 : Going it alone

Tap into the in-depth knowledge offered by a reputable estate agent in your area.  The majority of people only sell houses more than two or three times during their lifetime so experience is essential.  Redstones can advise you on the state of the local property market and offer advice on price.  For your added convenience, we also offer accompanied viewings of your property.  We also negotiate between you and your buyer to secure the best possible sale price as well as ensuring the whole process flows as smoothly as possible.

Mistake 3 : Not fixing things that are broken

Even in the current market, loose towel rails, holes in your plaster, gutters full of rubbish and door knobs that fall off can deter a buyer! Ask your estate agent to offer advice on what repairs you should make to boost your chances of an early sale.  Better still, take a walk around your house as a prospective buyer, taking detailed notes of each room.

Mistake 4 : Getting emotionally involved

Not everyone is going to share the same taste in interior design as you. If potential buyers begin to discuss painting over your favourite colour don’t take it personally.  If your colour choices can best be classed as vivid and you are struggling to sell your house, consider repainting throughout in soft, neutral tones.  Once your house is on the market, it becomes a commodity. If in doubt, ask your estate agent for their opinion but be prepared for a straight answer!

Mistake 5 : Staying with an agent who provides a poor service

An estate agent who fails to answer your calls, market your property or update you on progress with potential buyers can result in a lost sale or, worse still, no sale at all.   If you have serious concerns about your current provider, speak to Redstones. Our Switch Agent programme provides a number of straightforward steps for you to transfer handling the sale of your property to us.

Thinking of selling your property in the near future?  Make your life easier. Talk to Redstones today.