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Demand for rented homes on the rise

A new survey by the Residential Landlord’s Association (RLA) has shown that the demand for rented accommodation will soar as the supply of available homes falls throughout the country.

The survey included almost 3000 landlords and 18% of them stated that there were planning to buy additional properties to rent as a result of current conditions. 33% of the landlords surveyed stated that they had witnessed an increase in the demand for rental property over the past 3 years.

Furthermore, nearly half of landlords (47%) stated that they expected rents to increase over the next year.

Landlords have undoubtedly been hit hard recently by changes to mortgage interest relief, which means that landlords are taxed on their turnover rather than profit unlike other businesses. This has been a reason for rental increases.
However, high quality rented accommodation is in demand and landlords are happy to provide it. Property clearly still offers a good investment opportunity, despite the challenges that landlords face such as tax changes, stamp duty and tenancy deposit caps. At Redstones, we are finding that falling house prices and increased demand is encouraging many landlords to diversify their property portfolio and seek new opportunities. Many of our landlords look at property investment as a long-term strategy and plan to continue into the foreseeable future.

With multiple properties for rent, our property management services are a must. Find out about how we make the process of being a landlord stress free.


Pets kept in ‘secret’ at rental homes

They are not always a landlord’s best friend but some tenants love them! Pets can be a bone of contention between landlords and their tenants.

A new survey of over 2000 tenants by pet insurers has revealed that 27% of tenants have not told their landlord about having a pet. In fact, 10% of tenants even hid their pets when due a visit from their landlord.

Although some landlords can be animal friendly, many are put off by the damage they can cause which is often excluded from landlord insurance policies. Damage to furniture, fixtures and fittings is a risk many landlords don’t want to take.

Redstones Managing Director, Manjit Virdi advises, “The key is to conduct regular inspections, which we can handle on your behalf. We can look for the tell-tale signs of damage or we may even spot items such as toys or a dog bowl!”

However, some landlords may prefer to be more flexible on pets, especially if it helps them to attract and retain the right tenants on a long-term basis.

Manjit continues, “It is possible for landlords to include specific rules in tenancy agreements, such as keeping dogs downstairs or in an enclosed area, particularly when the property is unoccupied. If this is an issue that impacts you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for advice.”

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STOP PRESS – Redstones introduces highly competitive new offer

With the onslaught of new entrants to the property market, such as Purple Bricks and a host of new online agencies, Redstones are adapting and evolving in an increasingly price sensitive market.

We are therefore delighted to unveil our new hybrid offer. We will sell your property from only £699 including VAT.

Managing Director of Redstones, Manjit Virdi explains, “This exciting new offer has received some great feedback already. Every company needs to respond to customer and market needs and that’s what we’re doing with this new offer but along with the price advantages, customers will benefit from our excellence in marketing and the other techniques we deploy to make sure our properties stand out and get sold fast. We have an enviable track record and customers can now experience this at an extremely favourable fee.”

With our vast experience, networks and other special service offers such as Redstones Platinum Total Care, Switch Agent and our online auctions, Redstones truly has some of the most customer focused service propositions in the entire industry.

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New Redstones website revitalises the brand

Look out for and explore the new revitalised Redstones website!

Fresh and even easier to navigate, the new website features more service options for both property sellers and landlords. Our new hybrid service option will be of particular interest. To stay competitive in today’s property market, including Purple Bricks and the new online property agents, Redstones is launching an exciting new offer to sell your property from only £699 including VAT. This impressive offer is creating extra buzz for Redstones already, as Redstones makes a transition in how we successfully operate in a market where both traditional and online estate and letting agency services are playing key roles.

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Managing Director of Redstones, Manjit Virdi states, “We have always advocated the importance of marketing and branding in making Redstones a success, a philosophy that we extend via the marketing support and guidance we provide to franchisees to help them launch their businesses in their territories.

A fresh, new website will help to engage both new and existing customers, informing them of all the great services we have to offer and explaining how they set us apart in the competitive property sales and letting market. The website is complemented by new marketing materials, as part of a regular drive to refresh the Redstones brand.”

We invite you to explore the new Redstones website, which is now live. All feedback on the new website is welcomed.

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Landlords urged to attend new fire safety course

In light of the recent Grenfell Tower tragedy, landlords are being urged to attend a new online fire safety course, recently launched by the Residential Landlords Association (RLA).

The RLA have been contacted by many landlords for their advice on keeping tenants safe, with landlords questioning whether they’re doing enough when it comes to fire safety.

Fire safety is a complex issue but the new course makes it easy for landlords to understand how to keep tenants and properties safe from fire. Fire is an issue for all properties, particularly large or shared properties and every landlord has a legal obligation to protect tenants in accordance with fire safety regulations. It is therefore a worthwhile investment of time.

The fire safety course covers legislation relating to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, HMO Manager regulations and Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) regulations 2015. It covers various building types to which the legislation applies, in addition to a practice guide to conducting fire risk assessment that will protect tenants and properties from fire.

For further information and to book onto the course, visit