redstones right to rent

Right to Rent introduced nationwide

Originally trialled in the West Midlands, since 1st February 2016, the Right to Rent scheme has gone nationwide.

Rent to Rent gives landlords the responsibility of checking the identification of everyone who is over 18 and expected to occupy their property. Although the landlord is responsible for these checks, the responsibility can be transferred to their agent as part of a written agreement. Checks apply to occupiers who sub-let and residents with lodgers, as well as landlords.

All Right to Rent checks last for a minimum of 12 months and there are different checks required for tenants, depending on whether they have permanent or time limited rights to rent.

Managing Director of Redstones, Manjit Virdi explains, “We are working closely with our landlords, so they understand the implications of this scheme. As amendments to the Immigration Act are currently under consideration, this may result in changes to Right to Rent, which we will be pro-active in implementing.”

Checks must be conducted correctly, as fines are in place as part of the scheme. These fines can escalate to £3,000 per illegal occupier.

Manjit continues, “Our staff are fully trained on the correct manner of conducting Right to Rent checks and are always on hand to advise landlords and tenants.”

The correct process involves keeping a clear copy of each identification document and retaining the copy securely. A record must be kept of the date on which the check was made and all copies need to be retained securely for at least one year after the tenancy agreement comes to an end. More information is available via the Residential Landlords Association.

Right to Rent is just one element of the thorough tenant screening process conducted at Redstones. Get in touch with us to find out more.