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The importance of maintaining your home

If you’ve just moved into a new home, whether you have bought it or you’re renting, congratulations! But as you get settled in, don’t forget the importance of maintaining the home. If you’re a landlord, maintenance will be crucial to you too.

By completing a few easy, inexpensive and regular checks, you can assure that your home stays comfortable all year round. Vitally, regular checks help to prevent larger maintenance costs from incurring. Winter is often the time that issues can occur, so being vigilant of maintenance in spring or summer is a great practice to get into.

A key tip is to keep windows clean. If you have wooden window frames, check them for rot too or ask your window cleaner to. Ask for recommendations to reputable window cleaners from Redstones or look out for adverts in local shops, online or a local newspaper.

Boiler repairs can be costly, so ensure that yours is serviced annually. Also, legally, all rented homes must have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms installed but they are a must if you’re buying too. Always test these alarms regularly and replace them if necessary, as they can literally save lives!

Examine any areas of your home that are unused, such as a loft, basement or spare room and address any problems urgently, such as damp or mildew.

Of course, it’s essential to check externally too. Check for leaks, loose tiles or broken guttering, preferably before winter sets in. Often, leaves can block gutters and lead to damp patches internally. Moss and split tiles are other issues to check for. Fix any cracked pipes and drains immediately, as they can lead to problems with damp and also look unsightly.

Getting into the routine of making a few regular checks, such as these, each year will prevent problems and minimise maintenance and repair costs. Maintenance will also ensure that the pleasant feeling of moving into a new home remains throughout the years!

Opening more doors for franchisees in 2016

For those looking for a fantastic new franchise opportunity in the real estate sector, it’s now an ideal time to consider owning a Redstones Property franchise; a lettings and property management business involving the management of your own property portfolio.

As a great new incentive, the first 10 successful applicants who complete an application form before 30th June 2016 will benefit from a reduced franchise fee of £9,995 (normally £14,995). The new franchisees will also benefit from staged/deferred payment methods and £7,000 invested back into their business via our ‘Marketing Ready package’ for local promotion. Typically you will need an additional £5,000 of working capital, depending on your personal circumstances.

Redstones is a web based agency and our tried and tested business model means that we’ve made it possible to run a full service property agency from an office instead of the high street; considerably reducing overheads.

Furthermore, an increasing number of people are renting rather than buying homes, making our property agency franchise an attractive option.

Redstones are a sales and marketing driven organisation, which ensures that our franchisees succeed in running a profitable business. We achieve this through comprehensive initial training, as well as a strong focus on marketing and on-going business support. In addition, Redstones territories are typically larger than those offered by other lettings franchises.

Take advantage of this special offer now and open more doors with Redstones. Find out more about the thriving business you could own in 2016.

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Is your new franchise ‘marketing ready’?

If your new year career ambition is to own your own Property  franchise business, we urge you to carefully consider the marketing support you will receive.

In recognition of the importance of marketing to any thriving business, Redstones pro-actively support franchisees in generating new business.

We are therefore providing all new franchisees that join our network in 2016 with a FREE Redstones Marketing Ready Package, worth over £7,000.

Redstones Marketing Ready

Redstones Marketing Ready

The Redstones Marketing Ready Package offers online presence, including landlord data targeted to specific areas, in addition to SEO, Google Adwords, a new microsite with social media channels, a local property blog and marketing materials that ensure greater business awareness.

We also lead the way in the property market, in terms of our use of social media, portal advertising, SEO, Pay-Per-Click and 3D floor plans; embracing modern and traditional online and offline marketing techniques.

Managing Director of Redstones, Manjit Virdi explains, “There are lots of options nowadays for people wanting to operate their own franchise. However, as they investigate their choices, Redstones always advises potential franchisees to uncover the marketing tactics that will help them to gain new business. After all, a company cannot be successful without a robust marketing strategy.”

Manjit continues, “Redstones have developed a marketing strategy that is perfect for our business model and we’re keen to share the secrets of our successes with all franchisees.”

For those looking for a franchise opportunity that will help them fully realise their ambitions, a Redstones estate agency and lettings franchise is an ideal career choice for 2016.

For further information, visit our Franchise website, call 01922 235 350 or email

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Right to Rent introduced nationwide

Originally trialled in the West Midlands, since 1st February 2016, the Right to Rent scheme has gone nationwide.

Rent to Rent gives landlords the responsibility of checking the identification of everyone who is over 18 and expected to occupy their property. Although the landlord is responsible for these checks, the responsibility can be transferred to their agent as part of a written agreement. Checks apply to occupiers who sub-let and residents with lodgers, as well as landlords.

All Right to Rent checks last for a minimum of 12 months and there are different checks required for tenants, depending on whether they have permanent or time limited rights to rent.

Managing Director of Redstones, Manjit Virdi explains, “We are working closely with our landlords, so they understand the implications of this scheme. As amendments to the Immigration Act are currently under consideration, this may result in changes to Right to Rent, which we will be pro-active in implementing.”

Checks must be conducted correctly, as fines are in place as part of the scheme. These fines can escalate to £3,000 per illegal occupier.

Manjit continues, “Our staff are fully trained on the correct manner of conducting Right to Rent checks and are always on hand to advise landlords and tenants.”

The correct process involves keeping a clear copy of each identification document and retaining the copy securely. A record must be kept of the date on which the check was made and all copies need to be retained securely for at least one year after the tenancy agreement comes to an end. More information is available via the Residential Landlords Association.

Right to Rent is just one element of the thorough tenant screening process conducted at Redstones. Get in touch with us to find out more.

What our franchisees say

If you’re looking for new business opportunities in 2016 and may be interested in joining a franchise, one of the best ways of conducting your research is by talking to existing franchisees.

After all, going into business is a big decision which no one can afford to take blindly. At Redstones, we always recommend that interested individuals speak to our satisfied business owners to find out what running your own property business actually involves.

Here’s just a taste of what our franchisees have to say:

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with Redstones, as I admire their values and feel they can make a great contribution to landlords and vendors alike. Their franchise proposition is well thought through and well received so far. I am therefore keen to help with development to make it even better.’
Steve Doyle was appointed as Redstones first Franchise Operational Director in May 2015. He plans to work closely with Redstones franchisees to promote rapid business growth across the network.

The feeling of being part of a national organisation is definitely a great one for me. I have all the independence of running my own business but with the support of a recognised national brand. When someone tells me they have ‘heard of Redstones’ it is a real boost and affirmation of my decision to join.  Redstones has a solid reputation in a tough market for its commitment to customer service and attention to detail. It’s a brand name you can trust.   
Richmond Franchisee, Brinder Bains

“Whilst it is difficult for me to write a testimonial as an experienced landlord who has been letting and managing properties over several years where I learned “the hard way”, I found the entire process of building a new franchise very encouraging. The management systems in place are excellent.  I particularly found the back office system useful, as it has built in functionality for each and every aspect of property management.”
Ilford franchisee Jeya Ruban

“The ethos of Redstones in terms of the service it offers to customers matched my own aspirations, meaning it would be easy to work to the brand’s guidelines. Furthermore, business terms and the size of territory on offer, as well as the subsequent scope of the business were far better than the rest.”
Earle Kenlay, who has just opened a Redstones office in Hale & Altrincham

The satisfaction of our growing network of franchisees speaks for itself. To find out more about becoming a Redstones franchisee, visit our Franchise website, call 01922 235 350 or email

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Want to open your own estate agency and letting business?

How do you fancy winning a FREE franchise territory, enabling you to open your own successful estate agency and letting business?

Redstones are looking for a property professional to become our ‘Redstones Academy Apprentice’. The right candidate will have the knowledge, skills, vision and above all, ambition to run their dream estate agency and letting business.

As a franchisee, they will gain the full support of Redstones, in terms of our coveted business model and support programme to ensure your new business succeeds.

Ideal candidates are existing business owners interested in re-branding to the prestigious Redstones brand or professionals who have worked in the industry for a minimum of two years and have the skills and drive to run their own business.

Our apprentice must possess sufficient experience of the property sector and understand the principles and dynamics of business development. They also require sufficient funds to maintain their success after the business is launched, such as the cost of the Redstones Marketing Ready Package (worth £7,000). Click here

Candidates must be prepared to enter a competitive selection process and prove why they should be our Redstones Academy Apprentice. The initial stage is to complete an application form and send us your CV. All applicants will be required to conduct a presentation and participate in an interview. Once we have shortlisted, a winner, as well as our 2nd and 3rd place candidates will be announced.

So, have you got what it takes to be our Redstones Academy Apprentice? Call 01922 235 350 or email and quote ‘Redstones Academy’ for further information and to request an application form.

How to select the best franchise opportunity

A new year leads many people to start re-considering their career. If you want to own your own business, start searching for the best franchise opportunity. At Redstones, we advise individuals to make the right choice for their career by investigating the following factors,

if they’re interested in owning a franchise:

Proven track record of success – Any effective franchise will have developed a business model that generates strong results. In our case, this business model includes Redstones Platinum Total Care and our innovative ‘Switch Agents’ programme. Always verify business results and speak to existing franchisees about the success they are achieving before deciding whether a business opportunity is for you. At Redstones, we ensure that every potential business owner understands how the way we conduct business offers us an advantage in the competitive property business market.

Strong brand – As opposed to operating as an independent business, one of the most significant benefits of franchising is buying into a brand that represents existing value for stakeholders. Redstones strong position in the market and many client testimonials from our landlords, tenants and vendors reassure new franchisees of our strong brand.

Continuous support Redstones are genuinely interested in supporting our franchisees to succeed both when they begin and whilst their business is becoming established. For this reason, we offer comprehensive training and materials on the best methods of running your business, in addition to advice on dealing with any difficulties. Furthermore, we are always on hand to support you if you hit a rough patch or want to suggest new ideas for business growth.

Marketing magic – A good franchisor should guide and support their franchisee with tips on tailored marketing techniques that work for the specific industry. Redstones can advise on proven strategies and tools for attracting and retaining business in the property sector. Going over and above what our competitors offer, we are providing new franchisees that join our network in 2016 with the Redstones Marketing Ready Package, worth over £7,000. 

Risk managementRemember that if you conduct due diligence, buying into the right franchise will allow you to become your own boss and start a business; all whilst minimising risk. Becoming a franchisee with Redstones means that you can learn from our best practices and avoid the expensive mistakes often associated with running a business. Not only do we help you manage risk, Redstones are extremely pro-active in facilitating growth and have business acquisition experts on hand to help franchisees build their business portfolio.

So if you’ve always dreamed of running your own prosperous property business, realise those dreams as a Redstones franchisee.

For further information, visit our Franchise website, call 01922 235 350 or email

Redstones Marketing Ready

Getting franchisees ‘Marketing Ready’ is a priority for Redstones

At Redstones, we place a huge emphasis on marketing. After all, as the life source of any successful company, marketing is what drives business through the door, transforming a start-up franchise into a flourishing and established business.

Our strapline is ‘Let’s Open Doors’ and we’ve devised a proven marketing strategy that offers franchisees the tools they need to open the doors to new business.

From social media and portal advertising to SEO, Pay-Per-Click and 3D floor plans, we embrace modern and traditional online and offline marketing techniques that have been proven to generate new clients for our franchisees.

Therefore, we are providing new franchisees that join our network in 2016 with the Redstones Marketing Ready Package, worth over £7,000.

FREE to new franchisees, the Redstones Marketing Ready Package offers intelligent online presence, including landlord data targeted to specific areas, in addition to SEO, Google Adwords, a new microsite with social media channels and a local property blog.

The package also facilitates greater visibility and branding through marketing materials such as let boards, let by slips, pens, keyrings, business cards, complements slips and letterheads, as well as balloons and flyers.

By helping franchisees to build a strong reputation in their territory, our Marketing Ready package recognises that it is ultimately effective marketing that will keep a business in the minds of property owners, landlords and tenants.

The Redstones Marketing Ready Package is just one way in which we support our franchisees. If you want to know why Redstones should be your leading choice if you’re planning to start a new franchise in 2016, visit our Franchise website, call 01922 235 350 or email

Redstones Buyers

How to find the perfect tenant

Every landlord’s dream is to find the perfect tenant, who pays on time and maintains the property. If you’re currently in the process of looking for new tenants, here how to ensure you find the best!

Advertise effectively

Ensure that your buy to let property is highly exposed. A reputable lettings agent such as Redstones uses all the latest marketing techniques, such as social media and our ‘Switch Agents’ programme to capture high quality tenants.

Check credit scores

Once you have identified a potential tenant, a credit score is vital to ensure the tenant’s background won’t cause an issue for you. Checking credit scores is a simple method of ensuring your rent will be paid on time. They help you to assess financial stability and proof of regular income.


References are essential, as they provide some guarantee of the character of your tenants. References can be from employers or previous landlords and should include at least two references.

Meet your tenants more than once

You always gain a better sense of people the more you meet them! If you are keen on some prospective tenants and have offered them a second viewing, give them plenty of time to walk around and ask questions. Be organised and always make time for viewings, as they are essential to the process of finding a good tenant.

Pick your location carefully

Think carefully about where your buy-to-let property is based. Ideally, good tenants want to be around local amenities such as shops, road links and decent schools.

Maintain your property
Try to visit your property regularly and ensure all maintenance is up to date. If your property is in good condition, it will continue to attract good tenants and will always look smart if last minute viewings are arranged.

Keep expectations high
If your property has been vacant for some time and you’ve not been satisfied with the people who have viewed it, it’s tempting to lower your expectations. However, continuing the search for the best possible tenants will pay off in the long-term.

If you keep these valuable tips in mind, you will soon be rewarded by attracting the perfect tenant.

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We’re still recruiting for our Redstones Academy Apprentice

Back in November 2015, we launched a search for a property professional to become our ‘Redstones Academy Apprentice’, with the dream prize of running their own estate agency and letting business.

The lucky winner will become a Redstones franchisee with their own large territory and they will gain the full support of the company to ensure their business succeeds.

Ideal candidates are existing property professionals or property business owners interested in
re-branding to the prestigious Redstones brand, with a minimum of two year’s industry experience. Possessing an understanding of business development, candidates require sufficient funds to maintain their success after the business is launched. Also, candidates must be prepared to enter a competitive selection process and prove why they should be our Redstones Academy Apprentice.

Managing Director of Redstones, Manjit Virdi explains, “I’ve been delighted to receive lots of applications already from many excellent candidates. I recognise that there is a wealth of talented professionals in the property sector, who would relish the opportunity to run their own business or to grow their existing business. The strong Redstones brand, our successful business model and all the support offered will enable our apprentice to flourish and we’re determined to pick the best possible person for this extremely rare and valuable opportunity.”

If you haven’t already applied to become our Redstones Academy Apprentice, transform your career in 2016 and give it a try!

Visit our website for further details click here or call 01922 235 350 or email and quote ‘Redstones Academy’ for further information and to request an application form.