Redstones Residential Sales

5 essential steps for your property search

Are you committed to finding a new home in 2016? If so, we have lots of valuable tips at Redstones to help save time and to make your search more efficient.

1. Focus your property search
There really is no point in viewing properties unless you are clear on your budget, the type of home you are looking for and your desired locations. Obviously, budget is the central factor and you will need to see if the available budget offers you the type of home you desire, in the location of your choice.

2. Determine your budget
If you’re unsure of the budget for your next home, gain some professional advice from an independent mortgage broker. Make sure the budget is realistic and that you will not be over-stretching yourself. The budget will be influenced by your salary or joint salaries, monthly outgoings, outstanding debt and the level of deposit you can put towards a new property.

3. Make a logical list of requirements
Sometimes, when you are viewing properties either online or in real-life, it can be difficult to keep track of your requirements. We therefore advise that you actually list your requirements. This should include the type of home, number of bedrooms, bathroom/kitchen requirements etc. Other factors include local schools, the garden and the commuting time to work locations. Also, note how important each requirement is to you. It’s vital to understand that you may need to compromise once you embark upon your search, so ensure you appreciate which requirements you are unwilling to back down upon.

4. Don’t underestimate the expertise of local agents
At Redstones, our expert staff acquire local knowledge of the property market every day, which we always want to share. Once we understand your detailed requirements, we focus all of our efforts into finding you the right home and can provide lots of helpful tips to help you sell your existing property – fast!

5. Always keep refining your search
Once you begin the process of viewing properties, you will discover so much more about what you are truly looking for and will learn much in the process. Each viewing is a way to clarify your ‘wants’ and ‘don’t wants’ and enables you to become closer to finding your dream home.

There’s plenty of ways we can help with your property search, so get in touch with Redstones for further advice.