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Top tips on selling your home through viewings

At Redstones, we believe that if you’re serious about selling your home, don’t under-estimate the value of presentation during viewings. Impressing buyers through presenting your home at its best will speed up the process of selling and crucially, it will help you secure the price you’re looking for.

Here are some tried and tested top tips that work for house viewings:

Keep your prospective buyer in mind
Understand what type of buyer is most likely to be interested in your home and customise the interior to suit them. For example, if young families may be interested, demonstrate how child-friendly the home is. If your home would suit a young couple, keep the décor minimal and modern.

If you don’t follow any of our other tips, please de-clutter as a minimum! A buyer will need to imagine your home as theirs, so that means clearing up each room, removing redundant items and ensuring that every room is clean, well-presented and has a clear purpose. Seeing clutter is off-putting and makes it harder for the buyer to envisage it as the home they will be relaxing in.

Natural living rooms
You can make a living rooms more welcoming by de-cluttering, turning off the TV and letting in natural light by pulling curtains back. Showcase the main features of the room, such as a distinctive fireplace and keep the house warm during viewings.

Tidy bedrooms
Kid’s bedrooms can become messy but make the effort to store away toys, books and clothes, so that buyers can see the space available and the potential. Keep the cupboards clear too, as buyers might want to check them out too!

Bathrooms, toilets and kitchens
Store away the toiletries, make-up and sponges that tend to accumulate in these areas and ensure all fittings and tiles are clean. Fix any obvious damage and replace any sealants that are mouldy, as this looks unappealing. Keep these areas clean and neutralise any unpleasant odours too.

Remember the exterior
A buyer will be looking at the exterior of your home too, perhaps even before the viewing. Therefore, ensure you regularly mow the lawn, trim hedges and remove any weeds, whilst also cleaning the gutters. Some simple plant pots or baskets to brighten up the front or your house or the garden area can make all the difference too. A garden can be a big selling point for a home, so keep it as tidy and well maintained as possible.

Try to think about what may or may not appeal to a prospective buyer in regards to your home. Most issues are easily fixed but awareness and presentation is the key to making the best possible impression during a viewing.