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How new landlords can grow their property portfolio

If you’re thinking of becoming a landlord or have just become one, you’ve made a great choice! There are many fantastic aspects of being a landlord. Obviously, the first aspect that springs to mind is the financial benefits. Clearly, an investment property or property portfolio will generate more than your income alone. Therefore, invest wisely and if possible, seek to grow your property portfolio.

Often, the expansion of a property portfolio is made possible by refinancing a property that has risen in value to release equity to fund other property purchases; enabling a property portfolio to grow.

Landlords can make money from yield, which is the difference between the rent and outgoings such as a mortgage and capital growth, which is the amount that the value of the property has increased by. Preferably, a landlord should benefit from both. It’s important to try and calculate your return in advance to make the right investment. Properties in some areas may offer large yields but little or no capital growth. In contrast, some areas are much more likely to offer capital growth, such as London.

Our advice is that a location that offers both yield and capital growth is valuable in growing your portfolio. For example, look at where professionals may want to live, such as those areas with good transport links.

When you are purchasing a buy to let property, a professional lettings agent such as Redstones will advise you on how to succeed as a landlord, offering you valuable local knowledge on the areas you are targeting. Due diligence is the key. You will want to check rental amounts in advance and we can help with that.

Managing a property portfolio is not as difficult as you may think either. We help landlords manage their portfolios to reduce their level of involvement, so they can focus on other priorities. As the legal obligations of landlords increase, growing numbers of landlords are taking advantage of our property management services for their peace of mind. They can also take advantage of our Platinum Total Care Package, which guarantees that rents will be paid on time, everytime, even when the tenant fails to pay.

Ultimately, Redstones fully support professional landlords in their business ambitions, because we recognise that growing a property portfolio does equate to running a successful business. Make the right property investments and you are sure to benefit from the inevitable rises of both rents and property values.

Here are the many ways in which we support our landlords through property management, helping them to grow their portfolio without all the hassle of managing it.