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Helping Redstones franchises ‘go for growth’

At Redstones, we are committed to helping our franchisees to grow their business.

Many of our successful franchisees are in the fortunate position of being able to expand and our skilled and experienced Business Acquisition team are committed to helping them flourish by acquiring existing property companies, including their property portfolio and letting databases.

The team guide franchisees wanting to expand through the entire acquisition process, including finding the businesses that are the best fit for the franchisee, financing the business deal and managing the entire legal process involved.

Earle Kenlay, Director of Redstones in Hale & Altrincham is in the early stages of reviewing business expansion plans. He says, “I am still new to the business and although I have always planned to grow, I didn’t expect it to happen quite so quickly. The Redstones Business Acquisition team have been very supportive and helpful in the process, which includes offering advice on financing options.”

He concludes, “I am confident that the Redstones business model works and I’m equally confident that I can make it work with another established business, in order to grow my business portfolio.”

If you are interested in franchise opportunities and you’re ambitious enough to invest in a business that ensures real growth, find out more through the Redstones franchise website.

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Features that make a Redstones franchise a fantastic option

If you’re considering starting your own business next year with a new franchise, you may be familiar with the term ‘due diligence’. Basically, this means that before you decide which type of franchise to become a part of, a crucial part of the process is research.

Clearly, research is vital to ensure that the franchise will be a viable business option. Once you become a franchisee, you must demonstrate the drive and ambition to make the business work and ensure it’s profitable. If the business model that the franchisor has developed is proven to be effective, this will be a huge advantage in the franchisees favour.

At Redstones, we’re constantly innovating and doing everything we can to ensure that our franchisees are successful. Compared to similar property franchises, we know that we have a superior offer. This includes:

Unique and highly innovative practicesRedstones Platinum Total Care is a scheme that ensures the landlord’s rent is paid on the date it is due, regardless of whether the tenant has paid on time. It’s a great incentive for landlords and an ideal business generation tool.

We also have the ‘Switch Agents’ programme, which ensures that new business is gained based on the service delivered. The programme makes it simple for landlords to switch their property or property portfolio to you, as a franchisee, if they’re dissatisfied with their current agent.

Modern marketing All franchisees can take advantage of the modern marketing techniques we offer, which have been proven to generate great results. Our extensive on-line and off-line marketing techniques include social media, advertising on all relevant portals and a focus on SEO and Pay-Per-Click. Vendors are able to sell their property quickly through 3D floor plans and walk through technology. We’ve even introduced an additional sales channel; online property auctions, which have driven more business through the door.

We actively help franchisees with their marketing because we are committed to helping them succeed in business. Therefore, we are providing new franchisees that join our network in 2016 with the Redstones Marketing Ready Package, worth over £7,000.  For further details click here.

Large territories – In contrast to many other property franchises, Redstones offers large territories of at least 100,000 households, low set up costs and opportunities to expand throughout the UK. When a Redstones franchise is in a position to grow, we have business acquisition experts on hand to help advise franchisees on how to effectively build their business portfolio.

Finally, to equip themselves with the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed, every new franchisee undertakes a comprehensive new property franchisee training course.

Take the first step to controlling your financial future and find out more about becoming a Redstones franchisee. For further information, visit our Franchise website, call 01922 235 350 or email

Redstones Residential Sales

5 essential steps for your property search

Are you committed to finding a new home in 2016? If so, we have lots of valuable tips at Redstones to help save time and to make your search more efficient.

1. Focus your property search
There really is no point in viewing properties unless you are clear on your budget, the type of home you are looking for and your desired locations. Obviously, budget is the central factor and you will need to see if the available budget offers you the type of home you desire, in the location of your choice.

2. Determine your budget
If you’re unsure of the budget for your next home, gain some professional advice from an independent mortgage broker. Make sure the budget is realistic and that you will not be over-stretching yourself. The budget will be influenced by your salary or joint salaries, monthly outgoings, outstanding debt and the level of deposit you can put towards a new property.

3. Make a logical list of requirements
Sometimes, when you are viewing properties either online or in real-life, it can be difficult to keep track of your requirements. We therefore advise that you actually list your requirements. This should include the type of home, number of bedrooms, bathroom/kitchen requirements etc. Other factors include local schools, the garden and the commuting time to work locations. Also, note how important each requirement is to you. It’s vital to understand that you may need to compromise once you embark upon your search, so ensure you appreciate which requirements you are unwilling to back down upon.

4. Don’t underestimate the expertise of local agents
At Redstones, our expert staff acquire local knowledge of the property market every day, which we always want to share. Once we understand your detailed requirements, we focus all of our efforts into finding you the right home and can provide lots of helpful tips to help you sell your existing property – fast!

5. Always keep refining your search
Once you begin the process of viewing properties, you will discover so much more about what you are truly looking for and will learn much in the process. Each viewing is a way to clarify your ‘wants’ and ‘don’t wants’ and enables you to become closer to finding your dream home.

There’s plenty of ways we can help with your property search, so get in touch with Redstones for further advice.

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Top tips on selling your home through viewings

At Redstones, we believe that if you’re serious about selling your home, don’t under-estimate the value of presentation during viewings. Impressing buyers through presenting your home at its best will speed up the process of selling and crucially, it will help you secure the price you’re looking for.

Here are some tried and tested top tips that work for house viewings:

Keep your prospective buyer in mind
Understand what type of buyer is most likely to be interested in your home and customise the interior to suit them. For example, if young families may be interested, demonstrate how child-friendly the home is. If your home would suit a young couple, keep the décor minimal and modern.

If you don’t follow any of our other tips, please de-clutter as a minimum! A buyer will need to imagine your home as theirs, so that means clearing up each room, removing redundant items and ensuring that every room is clean, well-presented and has a clear purpose. Seeing clutter is off-putting and makes it harder for the buyer to envisage it as the home they will be relaxing in.

Natural living rooms
You can make a living rooms more welcoming by de-cluttering, turning off the TV and letting in natural light by pulling curtains back. Showcase the main features of the room, such as a distinctive fireplace and keep the house warm during viewings.

Tidy bedrooms
Kid’s bedrooms can become messy but make the effort to store away toys, books and clothes, so that buyers can see the space available and the potential. Keep the cupboards clear too, as buyers might want to check them out too!

Bathrooms, toilets and kitchens
Store away the toiletries, make-up and sponges that tend to accumulate in these areas and ensure all fittings and tiles are clean. Fix any obvious damage and replace any sealants that are mouldy, as this looks unappealing. Keep these areas clean and neutralise any unpleasant odours too.

Remember the exterior
A buyer will be looking at the exterior of your home too, perhaps even before the viewing. Therefore, ensure you regularly mow the lawn, trim hedges and remove any weeds, whilst also cleaning the gutters. Some simple plant pots or baskets to brighten up the front or your house or the garden area can make all the difference too. A garden can be a big selling point for a home, so keep it as tidy and well maintained as possible.

Try to think about what may or may not appeal to a prospective buyer in regards to your home. Most issues are easily fixed but awareness and presentation is the key to making the best possible impression during a viewing.

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Promoting professionalism in the property industry

Redstones send their congratulations to Earle Kenlay, Director of Redstones in Hale & Altrincham, for passing his ARLA exams.

ARLA is the Association of Residential Letting Agents, the UK’s leading professional body for residential letting agents.

At Redstones, we believe that becoming a member of ARLA is important because it demonstrates our dedication to professionalism. All licensed members of ARLA are fully regulated, which offers peace of mind for anyone thinking of using our services to buy or sell a house, as well as for tenants at rented properties or landlords.

Knowing that an agent has a licence to practice protects consumers and encourages high standards of both service and knowledge in the property industry.

We feel that this is vital because unfortunately, many people lose confidence and trust in estate and lettings agents who are not committed to maintaining professional standards. Complaints we often hear about include excessive fees, overvalued property prices or no vendor feedback.

When dealing with something as valuable as property, we believe that people should only be liaising with experts in their field. That’s why we introduced the Redstones Switch Agents Programme, which means that you can switch agents with only one simple call.

Redstones Lettings

Is one letting agent better than another?

It’s a question that we get asked quite frequently as Redstones – ‘Is one letting agent really better than another?’ We can always confidently answer yes!

Whether you are a new or experienced landlord with a portfolio of properties in areas such as Walsall, Bloxwich, Willenhall, Darlaston, Wednesbury or further afield, it’s essential to assess the level of service you will receive for your business.

At Redstones, we offer a little bit extra that is going to give landlords the edge when it comes to renting their property quickly and finding reliable tenants. These additional extras include:

Marketing excellence
In contrast to many agents, we don’t just cover the basics when it comes to marketing. We are constantly expanding our database of prospective tenants because of our extensive on-line and off-line marketing techniques. These methods include advertising on all the major property portals and we take full advantage of social media, using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. And let’s not forget our own professional website too!

The Redstones branding is striking and unique, so it’s well recognised in the local area. Without charging the earth, we also utilise highly professional photography, brochures and even 3D floor plans when appropriate to fully maximise the chances of renting your property.

Longer opening times
To ensure your property is let quickly, our professional staff accompany viewings in the evenings and weekends. Not a practice adopted by all agencies, it means that our expertise can be used to answer specific questions during viewings and increase your chances of securing the right tenants.

Switch Agents Programme
Our ‘Switch Agents’ programme is unique because it makes it very easy to switch your property or property portfolio to us if you’re dissatisfied with your current agent. We hear many stories about letting agents providing a poor service or just not being pro-active enough. The ‘Switch Agents’ programme has enhanced levels of customer service for many now satisfied landlords.

Redstones Platinum Total Care Service
Platinum Total Care is a completely one-of-a-kind scheme that ensures the landlord’s rent is paid on the agreed date it is due, regardless of whether the tenant has paid on time.

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How new landlords can grow their property portfolio

If you’re thinking of becoming a landlord or have just become one, you’ve made a great choice! There are many fantastic aspects of being a landlord. Obviously, the first aspect that springs to mind is the financial benefits. Clearly, an investment property or property portfolio will generate more than your income alone. Therefore, invest wisely and if possible, seek to grow your property portfolio.

Often, the expansion of a property portfolio is made possible by refinancing a property that has risen in value to release equity to fund other property purchases; enabling a property portfolio to grow.

Landlords can make money from yield, which is the difference between the rent and outgoings such as a mortgage and capital growth, which is the amount that the value of the property has increased by. Preferably, a landlord should benefit from both. It’s important to try and calculate your return in advance to make the right investment. Properties in some areas may offer large yields but little or no capital growth. In contrast, some areas are much more likely to offer capital growth, such as London.

Our advice is that a location that offers both yield and capital growth is valuable in growing your portfolio. For example, look at where professionals may want to live, such as those areas with good transport links.

When you are purchasing a buy to let property, a professional lettings agent such as Redstones will advise you on how to succeed as a landlord, offering you valuable local knowledge on the areas you are targeting. Due diligence is the key. You will want to check rental amounts in advance and we can help with that.

Managing a property portfolio is not as difficult as you may think either. We help landlords manage their portfolios to reduce their level of involvement, so they can focus on other priorities. As the legal obligations of landlords increase, growing numbers of landlords are taking advantage of our property management services for their peace of mind. They can also take advantage of our Platinum Total Care Package, which guarantees that rents will be paid on time, everytime, even when the tenant fails to pay.

Ultimately, Redstones fully support professional landlords in their business ambitions, because we recognise that growing a property portfolio does equate to running a successful business. Make the right property investments and you are sure to benefit from the inevitable rises of both rents and property values.

Here are the many ways in which we support our landlords through property management, helping them to grow their portfolio without all the hassle of managing it.

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Ensuring all tenants have the Right to Rent

As part of the Immigration Act 2014, the government trialed their Right to Rent initiative in Birmingham, Walsall, Wolverhampton and Dudley last year. Following the success of the trial, Right to Rent is being rolled out across England from 1st February 2016.

Accustomed to the principles of the scheme, Redstones appreciate the vital role of tenant screening in the entire letting process.

Essentially, all letting agents must see and make copies of acceptable ID before a tenancy begins. This new legislation therefore doesn’t represent a major change to business operations at Redstones. Already working to high professional standards, we understand the importance of knowing exactly who we are letting our properties to and our staff are fully familiar with how to conduct Right to Rent checks.

The scheme was previously criticised for discriminating against those who do have a right to rent but many not have a current driving licence or passport. To address this issue, an acceptable list of identification is being modified.

Interestingly, in the West Midlands based trial area, seven landlords have been issued with civil penalties; a relatively small number.

However, now that the scheme is being extended nationally, more fines are likely to be issued and they will escalate to £3,000 per illegal occupier.

Please note that Right to Rent legislation applies to occupiers who sub-let and residents with lodgers, as well as landlords.

Are you a landlord looking for the right tenants for your property? Here are the many reasons why you should use Redstones.