Redstones Residential Sales

Our stress free survival guide for moving house

You may have heard that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences you can encounter. At Redstones, we feel that doesn’t necessarily need to be the case – if you’re prepared that is!

On the day you move, you will be very busy and may perhaps feel emotional too. On top of that, there is often a deadline by when you need to move to allow the new occupiers to move in on time.

You can reduce stress during a house move if you follow our advice:

  1. Anticipate stress

Anticipate stress and pack essentials in advance to help you on the day. These could include headache pills, drinks, snacks, paper, pens, scissors, spare light bulbs and any other materials you think you may need during the move.

2. Start early in the morning

Removal men will arrive early and work quickly, so ensure you have everything you need set aside such as a vacuum cleaner and cleaning equipment for a quick clean up afterwards and dust sheets to protect the floor and sofas. Dismantle furniture and disconnect electrical appliances beforehand, ensuring all boxes are clearly labelled.

3. Keep pets and children at bay

With so much activity occurring on the day of the move, if possible, see if a relative or friend can look after your children or pets. This will definitely help eliminate some of your stress, it will be more enjoyable for them and the chance of any accidents will be minimised.

4. Ensure communication is constant

In case of emergencies, keep contact numbers for your estate agent, solicitor, bank, as well as family and friends to hand.

Stay in touch with the removals team or whoever is helping you move, ensuring everyone understands where heavy items and boxes need to be placed in the new property.

5. Be realistic about what you can achieve

Don’t try to unpack too much when you first arrive. The bare essentials such as bedding and cutlery to eat a meal are enough. Once a proper night’s sleep has been achieved, you will have much more energy to tackle the rest of the unpacking.

Staying organised and calm is the key to a successful house move. Remember that although moving house may be tiring, it’s also the start of an exciting new chapter in your life, so congratulations!