5 Reasons Every Franchisee Should Blog

At Redstones we pride ourselves on the support we offer to our franchisees in promoting their Redstones lettings business to position themselves as ‘local property experts’.  A key part of that is creating an authentic online presence through blogging.

The blog you’re now reading offers weekly updates in the franchise and lettings sectors which at the same raises the profile of the Redstones brand for the benefit of our network.

We also encourage our franchisees to create their own blog.  Based in Thanet, Alan Munns is our first franchisee to follow this advice, with others to follow. With the support of Redstones, Alan will be posting regular updates on the private residential lettings market in Thanet and the surrounding areas. You can read Alan’s latest blog posts here.

Craig Scott  from Redstones Newcastle upon Tyne has also launched his blog. You can read Craig’s latest blog posts here.

We recommend blogging to all of our franchisees.  Here’s why:-

Blogging attracts a wide audience

Franchisees who blog will reach a wider audience.  Create a blog that’s of value to your target market, such as, landlords seeking information on the local market as well as advice on their legal obligations to tenants.  By posting consistent, valuable content, franchisees can attract a much broader audience of potential customers and referrals.

Blogging builds authority

Think of blogging as having a similar (although more productive) effect as a business card did 20 years ago. A blog proclaims you as an authority in the lettings space and enhances your professional credibility. Our recent article Landlords : Are You Ready For The Right To Rent? demonstrates how franchisees can showcase their expertise in the residential lettings market and maintain the interest of their audience through blogging.

Blogging builds engagement

Traditional sales methods have evolved with the advent of websites and content marketing. Credible content helps franchisees to convert visitors to their website into leads and subsequently transform those leads into paying clients. Website visitors will be more likely to enquire about your services if they are engaged by the solutions and advice offered in your blogs.

Blogging builds recognition

In the world of online marketing, building a reputable brand is a priority for all businesses.  Redstones franchisees have the advantage of working under the banner of a trusted brand name in the lettings sector. Regular blogging will enhance that trust by demonstrating local expertise within your own area. If visitors to your website don’t trust either your brand or your individual expertise, converting them into customers will present a challenge.

Blogging builds e-mail lists

As well as building recognition and engagement, a credible blog will encourage visitors to your website to subscribe to your e-mail list and receive regular updates direct to their inbox.  For this strategy to succeed, you must offer content which is consistently of value, addresses the concerns of your audience, provides them with information they aren’t aware of and post regularly.

To find out more about how Redstones supports its franchisees or to attend one of our upcoming Discovery Workshops contact Redstones today.

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