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5 Signs You Need To Switch Your Agent

Whether you have a home to sell or a property to let, choosing a reputable lettings or estate agent to obtain the best price for your house or manage your property responsibly is vital. Identifying an unethical agent is not always easy; here are five signs that you may need to switch your existing agent:-

No communication

You’ve assigned the management of your property portfolio to your lettings agent who has promised to source suitable tenants quickly. A few weeks’ later you’ve yet to receive an update and your enquiries are fobbed off by the agent who claims there is a shortage of suitable tenants.  A reputable agent should keep in touch with you on a regular basis, with updates on enquiries about your property. If you are struggling to let it, there may be a simple explanation; perhaps the property needs some renovation work or the rental price is too high. A reputable agent will be able to provide you with this information to help you let your property in the shortest possible time.

Problems ignored

Whether it’s your tenant not paying their rent, damage to the property or a broken down boiler, your agent isn’t resolving the problem, yet is still collecting payments from you every month.  Before selecting your lettings agent find out what background checks they carry out on tenants.  These should include reference checks from employers, for example, as well as credit checks to prevent problems with non-paying tenants during the period tenancy agreement.  At Redstones our Platinum Total Care Service ensures your rental payments are guaranteed to be paid on time, every month.

Lack of marketing

If your agent has exclusive responsibility for the letting or sale of your house, you should expect a comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure that your property is let or sold in the fastest possible time at an optimum price.  As well as eye catching boards, Redstones takes advantage of every marketing tool at our disposal using state-of-the-art technology. For property which may be difficult to sell due to renovation issues, for example, we also offer an online auction method for a quick sale.

Too pushy

A reputable agent will possess in-depth knowledge of your local market, including appropriate pricing (whether for rent or sale) while at the same time listening to your concerns and respecting your opinion.  Homebuyers should also be wary of an estate agent who attempts to pressure you into favouring a particular property during your house search.  An ethical agent will listen to your requirements and provide you with a list of options that meet your criteria in terms of both location and price.

No follow up

Some agents believe that once you move into your new home their job is done. The best estate agents will follow up once you are settled in to ensure your move has progressed smoothly.  This is a sign of an agent with outstanding commitment to customer care.  Similarly, once a tenancy agreement ends, a reputable agent will be in touch at the end of to ensure your have been satisfied with their service.

Don’t tolerate poor service from your lettings agent.  At Redstones, we offer a Switch Agents facility which takes you through a series of easy to follow steps to switch your property management or sale to a brand you can trust.  Contact us today to find out more.

If you’ve enjoy outstanding service from Redstones Refer A Friend today. We pay £100 for every referral on the completion of a sale and £50 for every referral once a tenancy agreement is signed and the property rented out.

Redstones Connects With Virgin Media

Virgin Connect Partership

Virgin Connect Partnership

virgin-media-connect-logo (1)

As part of our ongoing commitment to offering innovative solutions to meet the needs of our landlords, home owners and tenants, Redstones is delighted to announce its new ‘Connect Partnership’ with Virgin Media.

This new venture will offer exclusive discounts to all of our customers on a range of broadband, TV and telephone services.  Initially this offer will be available from Redstones’ Walsall office before being rolled out across the network over the next few months.

Virgin Media’s representative had this to say about our new service:-

Virgin Media are delighted to be working with Redstones Walsall as part of our Connect Partnership. Every home needs either broadband, TV or telephone services. By linking up with our dedicated Home Movers Team, Redstones can now offer their customers exclusive discounts and a range of other benefits designed to help them get easier access to our services as well as ensuring their timely installation during a busy moving process.’

At the heart of Redstones’ success is our commitment to exceptional customer service in everything we do. Moving house is frequently ranked as one of the most stressful life events and we are committed to offering help with practical issues to ensure a smooth process.

In the rush to move, people often forget to arrange for the installation of their broadband and TV services, meaning that they must often wait days (or even weeks) without internet access.

Our partnership with Virgin Media’s dedicated Home Movers Team will ensure that these essential services are installed for our customers on the day they move into their new home.  This new partnership saves time, stress and money by providing the services our clients need when they need them – together with the benefit of an exclusive discount.

This is in addition to the following bespoke services offered by Redstones:-

Utility Warehouse : Our membership of Utility Warehouse allows our customers to take advantage of cost effective solutions to manage their household bills in one single monthly payment.

Redstones Financial : Launched in 2014, Redstones Financial provides financial services solutions for both landlords and tenants. We tailor our services to the needs of the individual, rather than adopting a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Platinum Total Care Service : Our premier service for landlords guarantees rental payments are paid on time every month, even if the tenant hasn’t paid.

Switch Agents facility : Landlords unhappy with the service provided by their existing lettings agent can take advantage of our unique Switch Agents option to make the switch to Redstones in just a few simple steps.

Online Auction Service : Our online auction service is ideal for customers who need to sell their property quickly.

As our latest venture with Virgin Media shows, Redstones has started 2015 as we mean to go on – offering even more customer focused solutions to make your life easier.

To find out more about our range of property management services contact us today. You can also keep in touch with Redstones while you’re on the move by downloading our mobile app.

Redstones Refer a Friend

Refer A Friend To Redstones!

The private residential lettings/sales industry is a buoyant market and like every lucrative business sector, it attracts rogue lettings agents who give the whole industry a bad name. Finding an ethical agent can frequently present a challenge for property owners.

Redstones prides itself on providing outstanding customer service which is reflected in the number of recommendations, referrals and repeat business we enjoy from our existing clients.  In recognition of this loyalty we are delighted to announce the launch of our ‘Refer A Friend’ scheme.

With effect from 1st February, Redstones will make the following referral payments:-

  • For vendors/purchasers : £100 for every referral on the completion of a sale.
  • For landlords/tenants : £50 for every referral once a tenancy agreement is signed and the property rented out.. 

For more information on how to submit your referral and the applicable terms and conditions please visit the Redstones Refer A Friend section of our website.

Redstones is committed to:-

  • Superlative customer service.
  • Raising the awareness of landlords of their legal obligations to tenants and the ongoing changes to rules and regulations affecting the lettings sector.
  • Helping our customers to let or sell their property in the shortest possible time at the best possible price.
  • Providing a ‘one stop shop’ for a range of services to the residential lettings and sales sector.

Our ‘Refer A Friend’ scheme is in addition to the following services which we offer for the benefit of landlords, vendors, buyers and tenants:-

Redstones Financial : Whether it’s house insurance when moving home or individually tailored insurance for landlords, Redstones Financial has the answer. Our service extends across a broad spectrum of financial services needs.

Virgin Media : Redstones Walsall has recently entered into an agreement with Virgin Media’s Connect Partnership. This new venture offers exclusive discounts to our clients on telephone, broadband and entertainments services when moving house. We will be extending this offer across all Redstones offices over the next few months.

Utility Warehouse : The management of household budgets is much simpler with our membership of Utility Warehouse. With ongoing concern about the cost of managing energy bills, Utility Warehouse gives residents the option of making one single payment every month to cover gas, electricity, mobile, broadband and landline telephone costs.

In addition to these services, landlords and vendors can also take advantage of our range of offers uniquely developed to address a number of challenges.  These include our Platinum Total Care Service, Switch Agents option and Online Auction facility.

In addition, for your peace of mind, Redstones is accredited by:-

  • NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents)
  • ARLA (Association Residential Letting Agents)

We are also members of The Property Ombudsman and fully compliant with The Deposit Protection Service.

At Redstones we are fully committed to adhering to best practice while not only upholding but setting the standards for exceptional customer service across the residential lettings and sales sector.

For more information on our range of property management or residential sales options or to refer a friend, contact us today.

5 Reasons Every Franchisee Should Blog

At Redstones we pride ourselves on the support we offer to our franchisees in promoting their Redstones lettings business to position themselves as ‘local property experts’.  A key part of that is creating an authentic online presence through blogging.

The blog you’re now reading offers weekly updates in the franchise and lettings sectors which at the same raises the profile of the Redstones brand for the benefit of our network.

We also encourage our franchisees to create their own blog.  Based in Thanet, Alan Munns is our first franchisee to follow this advice, with others to follow. With the support of Redstones, Alan will be posting regular updates on the private residential lettings market in Thanet and the surrounding areas. You can read Alan’s latest blog posts here.

Craig Scott  from Redstones Newcastle upon Tyne has also launched his blog. You can read Craig’s latest blog posts here.

We recommend blogging to all of our franchisees.  Here’s why:-

Blogging attracts a wide audience

Franchisees who blog will reach a wider audience.  Create a blog that’s of value to your target market, such as, landlords seeking information on the local market as well as advice on their legal obligations to tenants.  By posting consistent, valuable content, franchisees can attract a much broader audience of potential customers and referrals.

Blogging builds authority

Think of blogging as having a similar (although more productive) effect as a business card did 20 years ago. A blog proclaims you as an authority in the lettings space and enhances your professional credibility. Our recent article Landlords : Are You Ready For The Right To Rent? demonstrates how franchisees can showcase their expertise in the residential lettings market and maintain the interest of their audience through blogging.

Blogging builds engagement

Traditional sales methods have evolved with the advent of websites and content marketing. Credible content helps franchisees to convert visitors to their website into leads and subsequently transform those leads into paying clients. Website visitors will be more likely to enquire about your services if they are engaged by the solutions and advice offered in your blogs.

Blogging builds recognition

In the world of online marketing, building a reputable brand is a priority for all businesses.  Redstones franchisees have the advantage of working under the banner of a trusted brand name in the lettings sector. Regular blogging will enhance that trust by demonstrating local expertise within your own area. If visitors to your website don’t trust either your brand or your individual expertise, converting them into customers will present a challenge.

Blogging builds e-mail lists

As well as building recognition and engagement, a credible blog will encourage visitors to your website to subscribe to your e-mail list and receive regular updates direct to their inbox.  For this strategy to succeed, you must offer content which is consistently of value, addresses the concerns of your audience, provides them with information they aren’t aware of and post regularly.

To find out more about how Redstones supports its franchisees or to attend one of our upcoming Discovery Workshops contact Redstones today.

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