Preparing For Moving Day : 7 Essential Tips

Moving house is reportedly one of the most stressful things we can do but there are ways to minimise that stress. Working with a trustworthy estate agent can help to make the process much easier.  At Redstones we continually liaise between you and your buyer to ensure everything proceeds smoothly with surveys, legal issues and mortgage arrangements for your buyer.

Once everything is in place, a date for exchange of contracts is agreed followed closely by a completion date.  The exchange of contracts is the point at which there is no going back – at this stage the buyer cannot legally withdraw from the sale without losing their deposit. The completion date may be the same day but in most cases it takes place a week or two later, allowing both parties time to arrange their move.

Here you will find seven of our essential moving day tips which we hope will help to make the whole experience as painless as possible:-

Engage the services of a professional removals firm : At Redstones we are happy to provide you with recommendations of reliable removals firms.  If you prefer to source your own removals company we suggest contacting the British Association of Removers.  All of their members meet required standards of service.

Choose your removals day wisely :  While Mondays and Fridays are the most popular choices for moving home, they are also the busiest on the roads.  If you can, we highly recommend choosing a week day to complete your move.

Give yourself time : Organising everything for your move is stressful enough without the added pressure of self-imposed time limits.  If it’s possible, leave yourself a few days breathing room to carry out any basic work to your new home. This may include professional cleaning, basic decorating or DIY work such as replastering or painting.

Make a list : Unpacking endless boxes takes time. To enable you to access the most important items quickly (such as the kettle!) make a note of the contents of your various boxes.  It can be time consuming but you’ll be grateful you did when you reach your new home.

Don’t forget : You will need to take electricity, gas and water meter readings at both your old and new properties on the day of your move.

Redirect your mail : Don’t leave it to chance or ask the new occupants to forward it to you.  Set up a redirection well in advance of your move so you continue to receive important correspondence.

Be helpful to your buyers : We recommend a list or notes explaining how to operate appliances, where to find the various meters, how to change the alarm code, where the boiler switches can be located and so on.

When you sell your property through Redstones, we are happy to offer guidance and advice of all aspects of the sales process and especially when it comes to moving day.  Contact Redstones today for a no-obligation evaluation on your property.