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Redstones Franchise – What Exactly Is On Offer?

At Redstones, we understand that investing in a franchise brand is a big decision. In a series of four blogs, we will aim to cover some of the questions raised most frequently. In today’s blog, we look at what a Redstones lettings agency has to offer and why it gives you the edge over your competition.

The Redstones franchise

When investing in a franchise with Redstones, you are investing in a lettings agency. Once established, our franchisees do expand into other areas, such as residential sales.  The only exception we consider on the franchise launch is for franchisees with prior experience in the estate agency business.

What makes Redstones different?

When setting up Redstones, I understood from having been a landlord myself, that the key to success is offering high levels of customer service, coupled with flexibility.  For example, some landlords want an ‘introduction only’ service, while others prefer to reduce their potential stress levels and place everything in our hands using the Redstones Platinum Total Care package.

Letting agents generally sometimes have a poor reputation for customer service. For that reason we offer an exclusive ‘Switch Agent’ facility.  This enables dissatisfied landlords to easily switch to Redstones and enables you as the franchisee to win more business.

Taking advantage of technology

As a web-based agency, we pride ourselves on being different.  Our franchisees soon discover that our state-of-the-art systems ensure the ‘back office’ service matches the ‘front end’.

While carrying out your research, you will also probably notice that we have a significant online presence which puts the majority of our competitors in the shade.  This is the result of our highly focused SEO (search engine optimisation) and ‘pay-per-click’ strategy which allows us to offer the very latest in technology to our landlords, tenants and vendors (and to you, the franchisee!)

When our franchisees are ready to move into residential sales we also offer the very latest in online 3D floor plans and walk through technology.

What’s more, we also offer an online property auction service as an extra string to your business bow!

With Redstones, you can be confident that you have access to all of the latest start-of-the-art systems available to stand out from the crowd.  Our unique business model means you can operate a full service lettings agency from an office, rather than a high street location, with a significant reduction in your business costs.

What size will my territory be?

Each Redstones franchisee is allocated an exclusive territory for the duration of the franchise agreement (a five year term).

Compared to other lettings franchises, our territories are typically larger.  Each one encompasses approximately 100,000 homes with a total population of around 250,000.

That’s not all that makes us different.  In setting up our franchise network, we worked closely with mapping specialists to ensure that all of our franchise territories offer equally attractive revenue opportunities. In fact, we guarantee that each one offers a good balance of property types and demographic profiles.

Your success is our success!

To explore the opportunities available as a Redstones franchisee contact Manjit Virdi today.

Remember, we’re here to help.