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Obligations To Your Tenants : 7 Things Every Landlord Needs To Know

When it comes to letting a property, there are a few basic rules that every landlord must legally comply with.  Here, we have summarised the main points that every landlord needs to know when it comes to their obligations.

As a landlord:-

You must always give notice if wanting to visit a tenant.  While you are entitled to reasonable access as a landlord, if you wish to visit your property for an inspection or repairs, you are required to give the tenant adequate notice.  Landlords must respect the privacy of their tenants and cannot turn up unannounced.

You must protect the tenant’s deposit.  This should be paid into a government approved deposit protection scheme, ie, The Deposit Protection Service.  At the end of the tenancy agreement it is always returned to the tenant, unless the tenant is in arrears with their rent or there is damage to the property.

You are responsible for specific repairs. These include all repairs to the property’s exterior or its structure, such as the roof, guttering, drains, walls and so on.  You are also responsible for keeping the water, gas and electricity supply both safe and in working order.  Some landlords also offer garden maintenance but generally the tenant will be responsible for this and minor jobs such as maintaining the standard of the interior décor.

You must comply with health and safety standards which includes:-

  • Providing a gas safety certificate for the property and ensuring any necessary work is carried out.
  • Ensuring that any furniture supplied meets fire safety standards.
  • Ensure all electrical items are safe to use.
  • Meeting all fire safety standards.

Some landlords now fit their properties with carbon monoxide detectors, as well as smoke detectors.

You must follow rent rules.  By law you must inform your tenants when and how the rent should be paid, for example, by cash or cheque or into a specific bank account.  You can only increase the rent on your property in specific circumstances.  This is normally clearly detailed in the terms of the tenancy agreement.

You must provide your tenant with a UK address: Even if letting your property through a lettings agency, your tenant must be provided with your name and a UK based contact address.  This is a legal requirement for all tenancies.

You must provide a full inventory to the tenant : This again is a legal requirement as part of the tenancy agreement, which details all fixtures and fittings provided with the property on commencement of the tenancy.

At Redstones, we understand that your legal obligations may seem daunting to a first time landlord.  The good news is that when you work with us, we deal with all of these issues for you.  That way, you can relax, knowing your property is in the hands of a reputable lettings agent.  We offer a range of services to suit your requirements from an ‘introduction only’ service to our unique Redstones Platinum Total Care Service.  For more information on how we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.